Companies can accelerate their digital transformation
with our SoC solutions for offices.

Companies can accelerate their digital transformation <br>with our SoC solutions for offices.

In recent years, companies have been accelerating their digital transformation to innovate their existing business models and processes. We support work-style updates by helping customers to improve task efficiency and safety through SoC solutions designed for applications in VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), multi-function machines, and printers.

Document Solutions

Document Solutions

Document Solutions

By placing high-performance and highly extensible SoCs at the core, and using a power saving sub-system (network standby/response), interface macro (LCD controller), analog front end (scanner, touch panel), and other IPs, we provide custom SoCs that meet the needs of customers in a short period. Also, by using our design service (LSI design verification, PCB co-design), customers can reduce costs and shorten development periods.

Thin Client Solutions

Thin Client Solutions

Thin Client Solutions

We provide a comprehensive solution for the increasingly ubiquitous thin client, optimizing server-client communications. This solution allows client terminals to use cloud applications and remote desktop environments with ultra-low latency. Also, using this solution eliminates the need to upgrade terminals to handle different types of software, significantly lowering running cost.

Product Line-up

Field Product Feature
(Platform SoC)
Go to the details page Cortex®-A15 Dual/A7 Dual,
MB86S73 Cortex®-A7 Dual,
Virtual Desktop SC1110
Go to the details page PCoIP® hardware decoder
2-channel, 4K video output

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