Our Business

Awesome Technology Solution for Better Quality of Experience

Through the cutting-edge global technology we've cultivated in the consumer, automotive, and industrial fields over many years, Socionext creates new solutions that revolutionize the experiences of our customers, as well as those of people around the world.

Realizing World’s Highest Level of Video Experience through SoC
and Software Exploiting the Latest Technology

We have expertise in all aspects of the video imaging field - from "Input" technology of video capturing and authoring to "Output" technology of graphics and display, including video encoding technology in between. We are industry professionals using state of the art technologies such as high compression, high image quality, high speed video processing, and huge capacity data transfer to provide high performance SoC and software that can be applied in various applications such as digital cameras, digital audio-visual equipment, multi functional printer, full graphics cluster, and information terminals. We offer the world's highest level comprehensive solutions in the video imaging field, where technological innovation is progressing at a breakneck speed and imaging contents are becoming multi-faceted for both producers and viewers.

Realizing Customized Proposal Type Solutions Using
Our Vast Design Resources and the Cutting-Edge Technology

Computers, communication network devices, and embedded systems are becoming more multi-functional nowadays, demanding larger and more complex SoC (System-on-Chip) circuits. With the cutting-edge technology and our rich design resources cultivated over many years, we provide sophisticated solutions to enhance the value of our customer's products. In addition, we have very close relationships with our partners, such as foundries, which allow us to provide high-value products in a timely manner in advanced technology fields such as optical communication networks, cloud computing, and big data, which support the social infrastructure that underpins people’s lives.