Top Message

Chairman & CEO

Masahiro Koezuka

President & COO & CTO

Yoshifumi Okamoto

We are building on our expertise in the consumer, automotive, and industrial sectors as we work to create new value and contribute to a better society. To that end, we are providing new products and services globally, and we will go beyond the bounds of our established businesses to create the value our customers truly want. We believe that, in this way, we will contribute to a "Better Quality of Experience" and help make people's lives more convenient, enjoy able, and prosperous.
We will update you on our progress as we meet new challenges.

Management Philosophy

We are creating a company to achieve globally competitive value through sustainable growth. This will lead to the happiness of employees and all other stakeholders.

Management Vision

As a leading open innovation company, we work together with many partners to provide optimum solutions and services to our customers. We innovate the way people live and provide a better Quality of Experience.