Procurement Activities

We carry out global procurement activities
that do not have an impact on the environment

Supporting the ongoing development of companies, and society as a whole, Socionext engages in global procurement activities that minimize environmental impact through fair trade and compliance with the law.

Procurement policies

Corporate philosophy on procurement

Our procurement activities fulfill corporate social responsibilities from a global perspective. These processes respect human rights, ensure occupational health and safety standards, preserve the environment, and observe fair trade rules and corporate ethics. They also comply with regulations, ensuring the safety and quality of products and services, and maintain and promote information security.

We strive to build strong partnerships with our suppliers.

Corporate philosophy on conflict minerals

Socionext recognizes that there are serious issues surrounding conflict minerals produced in and around the Democratic Republic of the Congo, such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold. These materials sometimes provide funds for organizations engaged in illegal activities, including human rights violations, environmental destruction, and bribery. Therefore, to fulfill our social responsibility while procuring these materials, we perform due diligence regarding the supply chains of all conflict minerals and will disclose the results in response to customer requests.