Bass Boost Solution

Producing rich bass sounds that give you a sense of presence with small thin speakers
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Socionext has developed "bass boost technology" that enables even small thin speakers, which cannot reproduce notes in the low frequency register, to reproduce rich sounds that give you a sense of presence. With this technology, you can significantly enhance the sound quality of existing systems without having to modify the hardware.


  • Extends the audible range of the human ear in the bass using the characteristics of the hearing of the human ear (the missing fundamental)
  • Reproduces pseudo bass sounds by complementing missing continuous harmonics in the low frequency register
  • Enables low cost compact and thin speakers with a narrow band of frequencies to reproduce rich sounds that give a sense of presence

[Principle of this Technology]
Principle of this Technology


You can apply this technology to various types of audiovisual equipment, including digital TVs, notebook computers, mobile devices, and other wide ranging products.

Example of Proposed Solution

Sound quality improvement in small, thin speakers.

Example of Proposed Solution

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