Image Signal Processor Milbeaut® SC2002

Image Signal Processor (Milbeaut®)


Image Signal Processor Milbeaut® SC2002 “SC2002” is the SoC of the “New Milbeaut Surveillance Camera series”. We are going to support for realizing on “Image Sensing” for example Detection, Recognition, Prediction. The “SC2002” product feature is the new H.265 video encoder and image processing performance while the power consumption is lower than 1.5 Watt in typical operating conditions.
The surveillance camera market that continues to grow steadily with the growing global security needs. In particular, products with excellent backlight correction function and low illuminance shooting performance is supporting various and spoiled functions with high performance and low power consumption of the latest-trend.



WDR synthesizes two or three images taken with different exposures and achieves the dynamic range of 120dB, which enhance visibility greatly when an image contains areas of different levels of light.


●HEVC encoder

HEVC encoder keeps detail information at half of bit rate of H.264.

  • ・Improve the sharpness of static object
  • ・Keep the outline of moving object
  • ・Reduce block noise of moving object
  • ・Reduce network bandwidth
HEVC エンコーダ

●Video analytics

Built-in DSP and HW core realize intelligent functionality that allows various application.

  • ・Face detection
  • ・Object detection (Carrying-away)
  • ・Tampering alarm
Video analytics


ISP Process 28nm
CPU Cortex A9 Dual 600MHz
Package size 17㎜ x 17㎜, 0.65㎜ pitch
Image processing Max. 3MP@60fps
Max. pixel input size 3MP(2048 x 1536)
Sensor I/F S-LVDS(8lane/1clk) 648Mbps
12bit RAW
Video Input 16bit Parallel
(ITU-R BT.656, BT.1120)
Host I/F USB2.0, 1Gbit Ethernet
BT.656, BT.1120
Video Codec H.264 3MP p60
HEVC 3MP p60
Audio codec G.711, G.726, AMR-NB
2D NR ✓(Hardware)
3D NR ✓(Hardware)
Face Detection ✓(Hardware Assist)
Video analytics function Face detection
Object detection
Tampering alarm
Wide Dynamic Range ✓(DOL*)
High light compensation
Electronic zoom &OSD
Privacy Mask

*: DOL(Digital Over Lapping)

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