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Software Development Service

When reviewing the hardware specifications, it is important to examine the factors that form the basis of your SoC, such as the system startup sequence and power-saving features. Also, after deciding on the specifications, these need to be embodied in software and checked in terms of the logic verification and board verification phases. Socionext works with you during such phases from the perspective of software development, and supports you in specification design through to board evaluation. All this produces a system that is consistent across hardware and software, ensuring reliability.

Service Description

[Examples of Development Support Services]

Category Service Details
Boot ・Support for considering boot-sequence specifications
・Boot code design
・MAIN system startup-code design
・Secure boot-development support
  ・Proposal on secure boot sequence
  ・Secure boot implementation
  ・Secure boot-operation check support
IP driver ・Providing DPI for Socionext IP
Linux support ・OS migration support
・Operation check support for provided drivers
RTOS support ・OS migration support
・Operation check support for provided drivers
Power saving ・Power-saving code design
・Providing and embedding network standby response code

●DPI(Device Programming Interface)

We provide basic functions such as the initialization, operation startup, and suspension of IP macros through program code.

  • To check IP operation at an early stage (to be reflected in hardware verification scenarios)
  • To develop device drivers in a short time
    (assisting the user in understanding specification documents, use of API)
  • To quickly evaluate engineering samples (IP communication check, analysis)

●Middleware for Subsystems

We provide middleware for subsystems and offer customization services that meet your specification requirements. For details, see the section on subsystems.

●Linux/RTOS Support

We offer implementation of various OSs in addition to providing and developing device drivers.

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Custom SoC (ASIC)


Custom SoC
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