MB86S71: Processor for Small and Portable Equipment

MB86S71: Processor for Small and Portable Equipment

The MB86S71 is a high-performance general-purpose Arm processor for portable equipment, with excellent power consumption performance.
With its dual Arm Cortex-A15 cores that operate at 1.6 GHz and also dual Cortex-A7 cores with high power consumption performance, the SoC features high processing performance. With its enhanced interface and use of a 16 mm2 package, the MB86S71 is perfect for small embedded devices.

• Supporting Low System Power Consumption

By using these four CPU cores and configuring the big.LITTLE architecture proposed by Arm, the MB86S71 achieves high processing performance and low-power operation.
Also, with its Wake on LAN (standby and response) function, LPDDR3, DDR retention mode, fine power domain division, and other features, the SoC supports low system power consumption.

• Enhancing the Efficiency of Development and the Quality of Customers

By implementing a framework such as Android or Java as well as the normal platform software provided for PF SoCs, the MB86S71 can operate a content development environment used for graphics applications requiring response performance, enhancing both the efficiency of system development and the quality of customers.

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