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Acoustics Solutions

Acoustics Solutions

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Although the use of multi-channel systems for broadcasting and distribution is increasing recently, 2-ch speaker systems are still the mainstream for receivers. Meanwhile, receivers have become smaller and thinner, and are built at less cost, making it more difficult to replay the powerful rich bass sounds included in content. In addition, much content found on the web has lost its attractiveness as they were recorded with last-generation equipment. ForteArt™* is an acoustics solution that solves such problems. With a wealth of proprietary acoustics software IP based on our long years of experience in developing a wide range of products, we will help customers solve sound-related problems in various fields.

*: ForteArt is a trademark of Socionext Inc.

ForteArt™ Overview



●Acoustics solutions with a track record of sales in the global market

  • Used in digital TVs, Blu-ray Disc™ recorders, game software, and other products from famous manufacturers
  • Can be applied to a wide range of products, including smart devices and notebook computers

●Solutions that can be quickly installed even on existing products that have already been developed

  • Can be supported solely in software
  • No need to add a DSP or modify hardware

●Solutions for diverse sound-related problems

  • Provides surround sound even for mobile devices where there is little separation between the speakers
  • Contributes to the solution of sound quality issues associated with reducing the cost of speakers
  • Provides sounds that are easy for both senior citizens and younger people to hear
  • Provides sounds that vividly revive last-generation content

Forms of Provision

These solutions are provided as software IP. We can also tune the IP to suit your products.

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Acoustics Solutions

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