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HDMI Module cecTalker

HDMI Module cecTalker

HDMI Module cecTalker



These days, 2K, 8K super high vision, and even audio devices can be connected to one another using HDMI terminals. However, developing an product with HDMI is difficult and has been a tough obstacle for many developers. In order to solve this problem, Socionext leveraged its sophisticated technologies and its wealth of experience in HDMI to offer an HDMI module cecTalker that simplifies the development of products with HDMI.
In particular, cecTalker allows these devices to be connected, which was previously difficult to do, by focusing on the CEC functionality defined in the HDMI standard and by connecting the devices using only the HDMI plug-in. cecTalker expands the possibilities of medical, monitoring, and broadcasting equipment, as well as video and audio equipment, depending on how you want to use them.
cecTalker also allows customers to create prototypes by connecting to a PC,
Raspberry Pi*1, Arduino*2, or SPRESENSE™*3 and to perform other design work on platforms that they are familiar with.

  • Raspberry Pi is a registered trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
  • Arduino is a registered trademark of ARDUINO SA.
  • SPRESENSE is a trademark of Sony Corporation.


cecTalker has two models: HDMI selector type model [Black] and V-by-One converter model [White]. These models not only simplify the development, evaluation, and testing work performed by customers, but they also allow customers to incorporate them into their products and mass produce them.
Devices connected with HDMI cables can also be integrated using CEC.

●Image of product development using "cecTalker"

  • Step-1
    Concept making

    Step-1 Concept making
  • Step-2

    Step-2 Prototyping
  • Step-3

    Step-3 Manufacturing

Product line-up

Product name "cecTalker"
HDMI model [Black]
V-by-One model [White]
Purpose Prototype/Development/Mass production Prototype/Development/Testing
  • CEC transmission function
  • CEC reception function (Support for customization)
  • 3 to 1 HDMI input selection function
  • 2K/4K low-latency super-resolution function
  • HDMI to V-by-One conversion function
  • V-by-One to HDMI conversion function
  • 4 to 1 HDMI input selection function
  • 2K/4K low-latency super-resolution function
Interface HDMI Rx 3 ports (Connector: Type-A) 4 ports (Connector: Type-D)
Tx 1 ports (Connector: Type-A) 1 ports (Connector: Type-A)
CEC Standard Support for customization
ARC Support for customization -
V-by-One Rx - 1port
Tx - 1port
I2S Rx/Tx Support for customization 2 ports (for Raspberry Pi and a sub-board)
UART Rx/Tx 2 ports (for Raspberry Pi and SPRESENSE™*1) 2 ports (for Raspberry Pi and a sub-board*2)
Power supply 5V/1A*3 (Connector: USB micro-B 5V/1.5A (Connector: USB Type-C)
*1 : SPRESENSE™ or Raspberry Pi Exclusive
*2 : Main or Sub Exclusive
*3 : 2.0A in case of SPRESENSE™ stacking

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