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High-speed video interface bridge LSI "HV series"

High-speed video interface bridge LSI "HV series"

High-speed video interface bridge LSI HV series
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"HV series" that are high-speed video interface bridge LSIs with color space conversion are based on the combination of high-speed video interface technology and advanced image processing technology. They provide a video interface conversion between HDMI, V-by-One® HS and HS-LVDS for Full-HD(2K)/ UHD(4K) contents.


  • Support Full-HD (2K)/ UHD (4K)
  • Up-scale conversion   : Full-HD (2K) to UHD (4K)
  • Down-scale conversion : UHD (4K) to Full-HD (2K)
  • Low delay (less than 0.1 frame)
  • Support HDMI 2.0 (6Gbps for 4K/60p)
  • Support HDCP 1.4/ 2.2 (Copyright protection)

Product Line-up

[Basic functions: Interface bridge]

Product No. INPUT OUTPUT Note
MN869124 HDMI HDMI Color space conversion
MN869125 HDMI V-by-One® HS Color space conversion
MN869126 HDMI HS-LVDS Color space conversion
MN869127 V-by-One® HS HDMI Color space conversion
MN869128 V-by-One® HS V-by-One® HS Color space conversion

"V-by-One®" is a registered trademark of the THine Electronics, Inc.

[Optional functions: Example of scale conversion]

  • Up-scale conversion   :

    Full-HD (2K) → UHD (4K)

  • Down-scale conversion :

    UHD (4K)   → Full-HD (2K)

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