Business Model

“Solution SoC”: enabling a future that customers can envision

Socionext has pioneered its unique “Solution SoC” business model, in which the company are involved in the customers’ product development process from an early stage. We help companies achieve differentiation according to their specific needs. Socionext collaborates closely with partners worldwide and delivers complete solutions from system design to production and quality control.

Leader in “Solution SoC”

Socionext’s strengths Socionext’s strengths

Today, many leading-edge companies looking to create new markets require their own proprietary SoCs that provide features and performance to differentiate themselves from the competition.

As the semiconductor ecosystem becomes more diverse - including manufacturing fabs, packages, IP cores, software, and EDA tools - customers have more choices, but finding the right solutions are increasingly more complex and challenging.

There is a growing need for an SoC provider able to understand the customer's perspective on products they want to create and what problems they need to solve.

To meet such customer needs in the fast-changing market, Socionext acts as a "Solution SoC" company that delivers differentiated SoCs by being involved from the concept stage, then proposing the optimal choices and the best combination of components in the design ecosystem.

This unique business model provides our customers distinct value that many conventional ASIC providers who focus mainly on logic synthesis and physical design aren’t able to offer.