Why you need "Solution SoC"

Socionext has pioneered its unique “Solution SoC” business model, in which the company are
involved in the customers’ product development process from an early stage.
We help companies achieve differentiation according to their specific needs.
Socionext collaborates closely with partners worldwide and delivers complete solutions from
system design to production and quality control.

The growing complexity of products and systems is driving increased demand for custom SoCs.
Unable to achieve the necessary performance from existing application-specific standard product (ASSP) LSIs, customers developing novel services and applications are finding they need their own SoCs.

Background: What customers are looking for

To develop SoC, it is necessary to create SoC specification from desired services or application features and find the best suitable technologies solutions from semiconductor ecosystem (manufacturing fab, packages, IP cores, software, EDA tools and more).
Recently, to increase performance, it is necessary use advanced semiconductor process technologies but also adapt "More than Moore" technologies (including, for example, new packaging options and the use of accelerators).
Under these circumstances, customer seek silicon providers the strong development experience who can be involved from the concept stage.
Socionext has many years of experience in ASIC and ASSP development and will realize customer’s desired custom SoC as customers "virtual SoC Division".

Why you need Socionext [1]: Leveraging More than Moore 1
~Integrating systems into a single package~

Gordon E. Moore, the joint founder of Intel Corporation, first coined the law that bears his name in 1965. He revised it in 1975 to predict that, “The number of transistors in large-scale integration (LSI) chips will double every two years.” While progress in semiconductor process miniaturization kept pace with Moore’s Law for many years, this pace has now slowed to the extent that system-level improvements can no longer be achieved by process technology on its own.

Rather, as systems become increasingly complex, what is needed to sustain further progress is a mix of both “More Moore” (miniaturization) and “More than Moore” (technologies that go beyond miniaturization, such as 2.5D and 3D design, or the use of chiplets from multiple dies).
Socionext is making considerable use of chiplets and other new package technologies as it works with customers to help create more sophisticated systems.

Why you need Socionext [2]:Leveraging More than Moore 2

Recent years have seen considerable innovation in computer architectures in pursuit of higher system performance and lower power consumption. This innovation has achieved dramatic performance improvements through the adoption of accelerators that use hardware to perform the functions that used to be run as software on a conventional CPU or GPU.

In the field of AI in particular, higher processing workloads are driving growth in demand for custom SoCs equipped with accelerators.
To help customers incorporate accelerators into their systems, Socionext provides an optimal combination of software and hardware and a high level of integration support to facilitate hardware implementation.

Why you need Socionext [3]: Complete Solution Supplier

What you need is a customer-focused SoC provider that can Create custom SoCs to underpin your planning, ideas, and innovation.

What customers look for in an SoC provider

The ability to offer SoCs with an optimal mix of software and hardware based on an understanding of their products and systems

The ability to leverage an increasingly complex semiconductor ecosystem to identify the subsystem IP and process technologies that will work best

The ability to provide comprehensive support from planning to production and quality control

Recently, with the emergence of specialist foundry, packaging, testing, and other manufacturers, and the availability of a wider range of resources, including CPU cores, IP, OSS, and EDA tools, it has become possible to develop and manufacture SoCs utilizing the latest technologies.
On the other hand, with so many choices, finding the best suitable solutions is increasingly more complex and challenging. With our extensive system knowledge and experience with SoC development backed by many years in the ASIC and ASSP business, Socionext can propose the optimal solution.

Socionext collaborates closely with manufacturing partners and IP and tool vendors worldwide. As a neutral and trusted silicon provider, we will continue to help customers tackle the challenges of the future by supplying complete solutions from system design to production and quality control.