Management Policy

Socionext Group defines the following common group philosophy for its mission and value.
Based upon this philosophy, we will contribute to realize a prosperous society by delivering new value to our customers and to people around the world beyond them, as a valued partner of customers seeking to develop unique and cutting-edge SoCs to differentiate their services and products, as well as a partner of our suppliers providing the latest technologies in the evolving semiconductor ecosystem, including foundries, OSATs and providers of IP, EDA and software.

Socionext Basic Philosophy


“Together with our global partners, we bring innovation to everyone everywhere.”



We adapt ourselves to the disruptive discontinuous changes in business, technology, mind, operations, and other environments.


By pursuing cutting-edge technology, we aim to become a company that supports global innovation through development of competitive technology.


Our growth helps to deliver benefits to all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, partners, and employees.


We respond quickly to dynamic and rapidly-changing markets and customers.


We ensure a sustainable future by creating a cohesive society with customers and partners.

●Action Guidelines

Each individual takes ownership of his or her work, responds to changes in the environment, and thinks and acts independently from a market oriented customer perspective.

To maintain access to growing markets and companies, we address customersʼ problems with effective solutions backed by the latest technologies and knowledge.

Each individualʼs willingness to take on challenges to persevere toward his or her goals and the desire to become a professional will lead to personal and company growth.

We make speedy decisions on an individual and organizational basis, always looking ahead and creating value for customers.

As a member of the global society, we will fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and contribute to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society.

●Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines

Compliance with laws, regulations and social standards

We fully comply with laws, regulations, and social standards, thus earning the trust of society.

Respect for human rights

We respect each individualʼs rights, and do not discriminate or tolerate human rights violations.

Establishing an improved work environment

We want our employees to be happy. We respect their individuality, treat them fairly and aim to create a healthy and comfortable work environment.

Environmental considerations

We conduct our business with consideration for the global environment.

Promoting fair trade

Our relationships with our customers and suppliers are built on trust, in accordance with the principles of fair trade.

Information management

We carefully manage and ensure the confidentiality company information, third party information from our customers and suppliers, and personal information.

Respect for intellectual property

We value and protect intellectual property, which is the primary corporate asset.

Management Policy

At the Socionext Group, we are putting our guiding principles into practice through our own distinctive Solution SoC business model for customers wanting to develop leading-edge custom SoCs whereby we combine an optimal mix of technologies to implement the functions they require.
Along with the automotive, networking & data center, and smart device fields that represent our leading growth sectors, we are also seeking to combine regional balance with the winning of more business from global customers in the industrial field and in IoT & radar sensing.

Along with winning the trust of customers and supporting their growth by becoming the SoC supplier of choice to major global and growth companies, our business activities also serve as a means for us to leverage our technologies to help overcome the challenges facing society, in areas like low power consumption, for example. Moreover, through the development work we undertake in partnership with customers, we seek to create a virtuous circle of growth for both engineers and the company, enhancing corporate value through this growth and thereby generating returns for our shareholders.