We contribute to a safer and more comfortable driving
experience through our interactive technology that accurately
visualizes and audibly delivers a wide range of information.

We contribute to a safer and more comfortable driving experience through our interactive technology that accurately visualizes and audibly delivers a wide range of information.

Today's on-board information systems display ever-increasing amounts of information, and more advanced features such as improved design and visibility, as well as low power consumption are demanded. We contribute to a safer and more comfortable driving experience, while improving development efficiency and reducing costs with our comprehensive solutions. These solutions use interactive technology to precisely visualize and audibly deliver a wide range of information.

Display Solutions

Display Solutions

■Integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI)

統合HMI(Human Machine Interface)

We provide solutions to control various displays such as instrument clusters, head-up displays, and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Through the uniform control of information using products such as high-performance graphics SoC (GDC) and display controllers, users can customize the display of information, providing a more seamless HMI, a high-resolution display, and a safer system. Another great advantage we offer is a common design that is compatible with various car models and grades.

  • ●Ability to uniformly control multiple displays
  • ●Achieves lower BOM costs through a simple structure

■360° Wrap-Around View Systems

360° Wrap-Around View Systems

This system can display the area you want to see from the location and the angle you want to see it from. For example, this system can seamlessly display an image of your car as seen from above, providing a wide, 360° wrap-around view of the vehicle without the viewer noticing differences in brightness. The optimum LSI and basic software is provided in one package, allowing customers to build systems in fewer man-hours.The 360°Wrap-Around View System conforms to the Drive Monitoring System standards (IEC63033).

  • ●Advanced 3D technology that can apply camera images from all directions to provide binocular vision of the vehicle's surroundings
  • ●Users can freely set the direction of projection as needed for any car or situation
3D Audio HMI Solutions

3D Audio HMI Solutions


We use our proprietary audio localizing technology cultivated in our experience in the video game industry, and apply it to vehicles with asymmetrically positioned speakers. This technology makes it possible to control audio localization using only two speakers. By applying this technology to driver support systems and in-vehicle infotainment systems, information such as warning sounds create a sense of direction, achieving a more intuitive way to communicate information through audio HMI.

  • ●Speakers can more intuitively communicate a sense of direction by producing sounds as if they were placed right by the driver's ears or at specified positions.
  • ●Drivers can experience the effects without installing or replacing hardware, as the built-in car speakers play sounds processed offline. (By placing additional dedicated speakers around the driver, even more effective results can be achieved.)

Product Line-up

Field Product Feature
*1: Integrated HMI
*2: 360°wrap-around view
MB86R11/12/13※1 ※2 Go to the details page Cortex®-A9, 3D GPU,
SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU)
MB86R24※1 ※2 Cortex®-A9 Dual, 3D GPU,
SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU)
SC1810※1 ※2 Go to the details page Cortex®-A9 Quad, 3D GPU,
SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU),
VPU(Vision processor unit),
M-JPEG Decoder
Go to the details page APIX2®3Gbps
SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU)
SC1701A※1 Go to the details page APIX3®12Gbps
SEERIS®(Socionext 2D GPU)
Conversion companion chip
3D Audio HMI Go to the details page Localization of audio sources at the ear

Product Roadmap


Main IPs

  • ●360° wrap-around view
  • ●3D audio processing

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