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360° Wrap-Around View System

360° Wrap-Around View System

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The 360° wrap-around view system is a technology that combines images from multiple cameras installed on a vehicle on a 3D model, visually assisting the driver to monitor the vehicle’s perimeter.

Conventional technologies project images from cameras onto a 2D plane, allowing only a top-down bird's eyes view to be displayed, therefore making it difficult to recognize the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. The 360° wrap-around view system projects images onto a 3D hemispherical surface, which allows the driver to change the field of view freely, enabling them to recognize vehicles and pedestrians by taking a close-up of the spot that they want to see from any desired position and angle.

It is also possible to eliminate blind spots at the sides and rear of a vehicle by providing combined images from three cameras installed at the sides and rear of the vehicle as electronic mirror images by using the stitching technology of the 360° wrap-around view system. Our 360° wrap-around view system has been used by automakers since 2010.

Main function


●Introduction Video


●Passenger car

●Electronic mirror

●Special vehicle (Construction vehicle/ Tractor/ Large vehicle)


●Pleasure boat

Development Platform

The MB86R10, MB86R20, and SC1810 Series reference kits allow you to evaluate the system easily.

Development Platform

Support Software

By offering an authoring tool that supports the creation of 360° wrap-around videos and middleware for displaying 360° wrap-around images, Socionext supports customers in developing applications for the 360° wrap-around view system.

Support Software

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360° Wrap-Around View System

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