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3D Audio HMI

3D Audio HMI

Sound Alert HMI More intuitive & startling UX for auto driver
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Socionext’s 3D acoustic surround technology, which has enjoyed lots of commercial use in gaming market, delivers state-of-the-art UI with sound localization control for in-vehicle applications, such as driving assistance and infotainment system, that can help auto driver perceive intuitive directions and startling signs.


  • “Close-to-Ear effect” generated by software, encouraging auto driver to feel as if there are speakers just around ears
  • Off-line processing by “3D Authoring Tool”, not requiring any dedicated speaker or DSP, that allows its use for a wide range of vehicle models with less expenses
  • Robust sound localization technology is available to control even under in-vehicle conditions, such as asymmetric speaker layout and acoustic reflections
Sound Alert HMI for IVI System Even under conditions such as unsymmetric speakers & complicated acoustic reflections, 3D effect sound is available to control.


  • ADAS
    When another car approaches from a blind spot, the driver can intuitively perceive its direction with the “Close-to-Ear” effect sound. This is also applicable to car navigation systems.
  • Driver Monitoring System
    When driver unconsciously feeling drowsy or fatigue, “Close-to-Ear” effect sound can help startle back and wake up.

Introduction example

Introduction example
  • Off-line processing simply creates 3D effect sound
  • Socionext offers tuning support on the “3D Authoring Tool” for each targeted vehicle model

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3D Audio HMI

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