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Server Solution SynQuacer

for Cloud Server SynQuacer™ S-Series

for Cloud Server SynQuacer™ S-Series

ARM Core-based High efficiency Processor SynQuacer™ SC2A11
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SC2A11 SynQuacerTM S-Series is cloud server which is able to cluster up to 64 CPU of high efficient processor "SC2A11".
Highly integrated low-power server system can be realized with SC2A11. SC2A11 is also suitable for edge computing which processes data at the edge of the cloud in the IoT era.

*:SynQuacer is a trademark of Socionext Inc.

Processing Element


  • High energy-efficiency processor element is realized with multi-core configuration of ARM Cortex-A53.
  • Large amount of data can be processed faster in memory by adopting 64 bit architecture.

Application Example: Media Transcoder System

PEC: Processor Element Card

PEC: Processor Element Card


Processor Cortex-A53 MPCore 24cores, 1GHz, L1 I/D=32KB/32KB,
L2 =256KB, L3 =4MB
Memory I/F DDR4-2133Mbps 64-bit + ECC
PCIe PCI Express Gen2, Root/Endpoint select, 4 lanes (2 systems/ for SoC IF)
LAN 2ch 1Gbps with IPSec Network Offload Engine (wire-speed)
Serial I/F UART, I2C, GPIO


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Server Solution “SynQuacer™”

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