Smart Display Controller
SC1701 Series

Enables highly optimized and cost effective solutions for a broad range of in-vehicle remote display uses. Reduces the overall BOM and allows the realization of competitive and cost optimized systems. Performs all graphics processing, including safety and integrity related functions by its signature unit. Utilizing two display controllers allows flexible architectures with more than one display in a single chain. The future-proof design supports through its video link up to 12 Gbps uncompressed or equivalent to 28 Gbps video data by utilizing VESA DSC compression method.

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4K Resolution (3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz / 30bpp)

Socionext SEERIS™ 2D Graphics Engine

Dual Display Controller and dual TCON integrated

Signature Unit and Safety layer

Optional APIX®3 receiver up to 12 Gbps with HDCP 1.4

Ethernet extension support through APIX®3

VESAVESA DSC decompression up to 3:1 ratio

Display Output Interfaces (OpenLDI, miniLVDS, RSDS, TTL)

Touch Controller connectivity and Audio Generator

Wide range of peripherals for external connectivity

Spread Spectrum Modulation to reduce EMI

AEC-Q100 qualification

Support for Automotive Safety and Integrity (ASIL B)

2 package variants for design and BOM flexibility

*: SEERIS is a trademark of Socionext Inc.

System Structure

●Display Domain Architecture

Display Domain Architecture


Features SC1701BK3 SC1701BH5
Package – Pin HS – BGA – 319 EP – LQFP – 216
Size, Pitch 23x23mm, 1.0mm 24x24mm, 0.4mm
2D Core Socionext SEERIS-MVL Socionext SEERIS-MVL
Video Channels 2 1
Video Output Resolution 1x3840x2160 @ 60fps (30bit)
2x2560x1600 @ 60fps (30bit)
1x1920x1080 @ 60fps (30bit)
Video Output Dual TCON-RSDS
2x 6 pair miniLVDS, TTL
2x dual LVDS (OpenLDI)
6 pair miniLVDS, TTL
dual LVDS (OpenLDI)
Video Formats
RGBA or YUV4:4:4 / 4:2:2
VESA DSC v1.2 (2:1/3:1)
RGBA or YUV4:4:4 / 4:2:2
VESA DSC v1.2 (2:1/3:1)
Pixel Speed 2x266MPix/s or 1x533Mpix/s 266MPix/s
Signature Units 2 x 8 8
Image Processing CLUT, Matrix, Dither, Gamma,
Sprites, α blending, scaling
CLUT, Matrix, Dither, Gamma,
Sprites, α blending, scaling
Audio I²S over APIX®3, Sound Generator
APIX® Down – Up APIX®3 @ 12Gbps - 187 Mbps APIX®3 @ 6Gbps - 187 Mbps
Content Protection HDCP 1.4 (APIX®3)
Network MII - Ethernet over APIX®3 @ 100 Mbps
Option Available also without APIX®3 Rx and related features
Daisy Chain Yes, requires external Tx -
Video input / Capture Dual MIPI-DSI v1.2, dualLVDS (OpenLDI)
SRAM – Flash 256K (9KB ECC) - 128K
Standard I/O USART-LIN, I²C, GPIO, PWM, ADC, HS-SPI, CAN listener
Stepper Motor Control 6
Qualification AEC-Q100, Ta -40 … +105°C


Please request the following documents from "Technical Document Request".

Data Sheet

Hardware Manual

Register Description

Evaluation Board Manual

PCB Guideline