Smart Display Controller
SC172x Series

Optimized for integrated multi-display cockpit systems, the fourth-generation SC172x Series of smart display controllers for automotive applications allow the implementation of even larger multi-display applications, also delivering the enhanced image quality needed for larger display sizes and higher resolution.
The SC172x Series is equipped with an APIX®3 SerDes-repeater function that allows daisy-chaining of multiple smart display controllers, enabling up to four display connections in a chain. By simplifying the integration of multiple displays, this function represents a significant improvement in vehicle wiring efficiency compared to the third-generation controllers.
Along with support for image compensation, the smart display controller meets the need for enhanced image quality, with LED control and pixel compensation by Local Dimming, and Warping-on-the-fly dynamic interpolation of the Warp Map.
As well as strengthening existing safety functions, with system safety being enhanced by adding a mechanism to monitor external LED driver error detection and internal algorithm, these smart display controllers support functional safety (ASIL-B) by complying with the ISO26262 development process.

SC172x Series

SC172x Series

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4K resolution (3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz / 30 bpp)

APIX®3 SerDes-repeater at up to 12 Gbps (supports daisy-chaining)

VESA display stream compression (DSC) with data compression up to 3.75:1

Socionext SEERIS™* 2D graphics engine

Signature unit, safety layer

Local dimming (including pixel compensation)

Distortion correction using warping-on-the-fly

CPU subsystem (Arm Cortex-M23)

Touch controller connect and audio generator

Spread-spectrum modulation for reduced EMI

AEC-Q100 support

ASIL-B support (ISO26262-compliant development process)

*: SEERIS is a trademark of Socionext Inc.

System Structure

System Structure


Features SC1721 SC1722 SC1723
Package - Pin EP-LPFQ-216 TE-BGA-437 TE-BGA-427
Package - Size 24mm x 24mm 23mm x 23mm 23mm x 23mm
Video Output
Resolution example
1920 x 1080 3840 x 1080 3840 x 2160
Video Output Dual LVDS, OpenLDI Dual LVDS, OpenLDI eDP 5.4Gbps 4lane
APIX3 SerDes-repeater* Rx : 2 x 3Gbps with HDCP2.3
Tx : 1 x 3Gbps
Rx : 2 x 3Gbps or 1 x 6Gbps with HDCP2.3
Tx : 1 x 6Gbps
Rx : 2 x 6Gbps with HDCP2.3
Tx : 1 x 6Gbps
Video Input* LVDS, OpenLDI LVDS, OpenLDI LVDS, OpenLDI
Local Dimming 512 LED block 512 LED block 1024 LED block
Warping-on-the-fly Yes No No
compliant development process
Yes Yes Yes

*:APIX3 SerDes-repeater or Video Input is exclusive depending on the line up.


Please request the following documents from "Technical Document Request".

Data Sheet

Hardware Manual

Register Description

Evaluation Board Manual

PCB Guideline