IoT Camera Solution

IoT Camera Solution

Even in camera systems with much optical limitations as mobile, Wearable, video conference system, PC camera, Milbeaut can use its resource to the max to produce high quality images. we provide cutting-edge technologies through features including high-level image processing, variety of product lineups from low cost to high-end are available.


• USB Camera

Nowadays, such high image quality is required from not only consumer camera but also enterprise or industrial, wearable, etc. camera usage. In consideration of this trend, Socionext is introducing USB camera solution by a combination of Milbeaut® Series and USB bridge to fulfill such market requirement.

[USB Camera Solution]

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• Dual Camera

With smart phone camera in the lead, the need for dual camera, mounted with two sensors, is increasing in the mobile camera market. Features using dual camera, such as high quality image with mono and color sensor combination in low-light condition and DSLR-like background blur shots using depth map, allows mobile camera to take higher quality images beyond current level.

[Depth Map Generation Sequence]

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• Depth Map (Distance Information) Generation

The generated depth map can be applied to produce background blurs, post-focus control, and subject cropping.

· Background Blur

Can capture DSLR-like photos with background blur. This feature can also be used by applications to create composite images.

· Post-Focusing

Allow user to change focal point after capturing. Focal point can be controlled in all ranges from infinity to macro to all-focused.

• Super Hybrid AF (Auto Focus)

Realizes high-speed, high-accuracy AF in various scenes by using a hybrid of 3 types of AF.

  • · Contrast AF
  • · Phase Detection AF
  • · Laser AF

Contrast AF relies only on contrast values calculated per frame, thus takes too much time focusing in low-light conditions where frame rate falls. Hybrid AF automatically select AF algorithm that best fits the scene, such as using Phase Detection AF in basic scenes and laser AF in low-light or macro conditions. This switching allows our AF to operate at high-speed and high-accuracy.

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Product Lineup

• Milbeaut®

Product Features
MBG967 360 degree spherical USB camera
MBG967 16M/30, Dual Camera, PDAF
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Major IPs

  • • Super Hybrid AF
  • • Dual Camera IP
  • • Color Correction
  • • Brightness Control
  • • Face Detection
  • • Video Image Stabilization

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