Drone/Action Camera Solution

Drone/Action Camera Solution

With Milbeaut's image processing technology for capturing the best moment, we have means to reduce shakes and realize stabilized video recordings in action scenes such as bicycles and motorbikes. We support high quality image in active scenes on devices such as drone, drive recorder, and action cameras, providing perfect solutions for the latest trend market.


• Provides Best Shot Suiting Each Scene

Mounted with high-performance EIS suited for drone, action camera, drive recorders, etc., our system allows user to capture stable shots in action scenes. With other features including slow motion capture, suited for golf swing scenes, auto object-tracking feature「Follow me/Follow you」, Video HDR, and Haze Removal, we support high quality shooting in various scenes.

• Wrap-around View (Panorama Wrap-around)

360 degree video using fish-eye lens can be converted in real time by applying lens distortion correction to the image by parts. Video can also be viewed in panorama by setting larger horizontal size to cutout.

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• EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization)

The EIS feature contributes to capturing beautiful images in action scenes.

· Video EIS

Provides smooth and stable images for action camera and drive recorders, in which the camera body itself is in motion.

· Rolling Shutter Correction

Detect and correct partial distortion caused by fast-moving objects. Can be combined with EIS to provide more stable video recordings.

• Video HDR

Creates HDR image by alternately capturing (60 fps) short exposure and normal exposure images in full HD size (1920x1080) and merging them into one image internally. HDR reduces over exposure / under exposure in backlight, high contrast, or night scenes, bringing out detailed and vivid video images. Since it supports high speed, processing every frame, the Video HDR is very effective for drone and drive recorder cameras, where the camera is mostly moving around.

• Haze Removal

Under environment with poor visibility, such as rain or snow, Haze Removal can clear out the haze without removing the rain/snow itself. Also, rain droplets can be detected when falling upon camera, giving the camera an alert/trigger feature when it is wet or has vision troubles.

• 4-Camera Stitching

It's possible to stitch the video captured from at most 4 cameras (Max : 4K 30fps). When using a fish-eye lens, it's possible to capture a video by the wider field angle by correcting the distortion in real time.

• Slow Motion(Full HD 240fps video)

High frame rate video capture is possible. The captured video can be enjoyed as slow motion video using an application that can change the playback frame rate.  

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Product Lineup

• Milbeaut®

Product Features
SC2000 4K, H.264/H.265(HEVC), Dual Camera, 360°Distortion Correction
MB91696B 1080 / 30p, H.264
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Major IPs

  • • EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization)
  • • Video HDR
  • • Face Detect/Recognition
  • • Haze Density Detection(Auto)
  • • Haze Removal/Correction
  • • Noise Reduction
  • • Optimization of High Sensitivity
  • • 3DNR

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