60GHz 2D Detection model SC1221AR3



SC1221AR3 is a low power CMOS 60GHz radar sensor device and available for 2D location sensing.


  • ●Suited for 2D motion sensing

    • 1 x 4 uniform linear array Rx antennas detect azimuth angle, velocity and distance of multiple objects
    • High-accuracy linear chirp FMCW radar
    • Sensing area example: up to 10m(*1), 120 degree(*1) angular width
  • ●Highly integrated device enabling easy hardware design

    • Integrating antennas, radio, ADC, FIFO and SPI interface
    • Enable to use reasonable PCB, less BOM and easy assembly
    • Small package (9.0mm x 9.0mm, BGA package)
  • ●Low power consumption

    • 4-Level operation states (Shutdown, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Sensing)
    • Intelligent power control sequencer managing flexible duty cycle operation
    • 1mW average power consumption at 2D location sensing(*2)
    • *1:Depending on sensor configuration and environmental conditions. To be changed according to further study

      *2:In case of conditions that Socionext assumed

Antenna Configuration

Antenna Configuration

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


Radar mode FMCW/FSKCW/CW
Power Supply 1.5V - 1.8V (core) / 1.8 - 3.3V (I/O)
Power Consumption 368mW (Peak power consumption)
1mW (0.2% duty cycle operation using Deep sleep)
Transmitter Frequency: 60.025 - 61.475GHz
EIRP: +5dBm
Receiver Noise Figure: 12dB
Digital block ADC (11bit 10MHz),FIFO (32kB),SPII/F (≤50MHz)
Temperature -40 to 85°C

Evaluation kit



The 2D location sensing evaluation kit "SC1221AR3-B-122" provides an evaluation environment of the 60GHz Radar Sensor "SC1221AR3".

*: DragonBoard is a trademark of Qualcomm Incorporated,
registered in the United States and other countries.

  • ●Evaluation kit contents

    • SC1221AR3 evaluation kit hardware with USB cable
    • Sensor driver/ library and 2D location sensing evaluation software (GUI)
    • Related documents
    • Evaluation software (GUI) operation manual
    • API specification of control API
    • Application note (MATLAB and Sample C source for API)
  • ●More information

    For detailed information on the evaluation kit "SC1221AR3-B-122", refer to the catalog below.


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