Mobile Medical Solution “viewphii”

Socionext has launched its new viewphii series of mobile medical solutions that use core technologies from its system LSI business to deliver compact, wireless operation, lightweight, and low power consumption. Through ongoing development and the strengthening of partnerships with medical device manufacturers and other healthcare businesses, Socionext is helping to build the next generation of healthcare that leverages the IoT for preventive healthcare as well as remote and in-home treatment.


Mobile Medical Solution “viewphii” Series

Mobile Medical Solution “viewphii” uses Socionext’s expertise in the processing of sensing data to provide non-invasive monitoring.

Mobile Medical Solution “viewphii”

Use case

Wireless sensor interconnection, integrated management, and automatic cloud storage via a single tablet

Benefits of in-house development

The use of special-purpose LSIs developed by Socionext ensures high performance with low power consumption (example: LSIs for wireless ultrasound probes)

Socionext expertise has been integrated into two newly developed special-purpose LSIs. By combining the key functions required for ultrasound imaging with even lower power consumption, these LSIs can be used to build light-weight probes with three-hours or more of continuous wireless operation.

  • Pulser LSI

    Pulser LSI

  • Ultrasound Processing LSI

    Ultrasound Processing LSI

Business Model

Socionext can deliver core technologies, reference devices, and reference solutions in the form of a business model for medical and healthcare applications.