Mobile Electrocardiogram Solution
“viewphii ECG”

Ultra-compact, lightweight 12-lead electrocardiogram with wireless communications

“viewphii ECG” is an ultra-compact, lightweight 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) with wireless data communications.

“viewphii ECG” is not a medical device.
Our products are provided as design kits for customers to develop
medical devices.

“viewphii ECG”

“viewphii ECG”

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Ultra-compact, wireless 12-lead ECG

Integrated electrode (only attaches to the body)

Telemetry support

Long recording time (using halter)


●Application example

12-lead ECG from the patient at rest

Various patient exercise stress tests

24-hour continuous recording of 12-lead ECG

At ambulances and air-ambulances

Telemedicine, home medical care

Application example


Sensor unit
Size (Height × Width × Height) 77 × 50 × 15mm
Internal battery
44g (including battery)
Lithium-ion battery
Battery operation time T.B.D (in continuous use with Wi-Fi connection)
T.B.D (when using halter)
Charging USB charging
Communications IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Input channels 12 ECG leads
Three vital signs sensor channels (heartbeat sound, arterial pulse, venous pulse)
Sensitivity 1/2, 1, 2
Sampling frequency 250Hz to 1kHz
Waveform display ・Standard 12 leads
・Leads I, II, and III + 3 × vital sign channels
Other functions Heart rate display, detection of detached electrodes,
manual and auto recording, hum filter,
myoelectric noise filter, drift filter
OS Android 5.0
Resolution 1,280 × 800