3D Audio HMI Solutions

3D Audio HMI Solutions

We use our proprietary audio localizing technology cultivated through our experience in the video game industry, and apply it to vehicles with asymmetrically positioned speakers. This technology makes it possible to control audio localization using only two speakers. By applying this technology to driver support systems and in-vehicle infotainment systems, information such as warning sounds create a sense of direction, achieving a more intuitive way to communicate information through audio HMI.

3D Audio HMI Solutions


  • ●Speakers can more intuitively communicate a sense of direction by producing sounds as if they were placed right by the driver's ears or at specified positions.
  • ●Drivers can experience the effects without installing or replacing hardware, as the built-in car speakers play sounds processed offline.
    (By placing additional dedicated speakers around the driver, even more effective results can be achieved.)

Product Line-up

Field Product Feature
3D Audio 3D Audio HMI Go to the details page Localization of audio sources at the ear


  • ●3D audio processing

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