Industrial Connected Solutions

Industrial Connected Solutions

Industrial Connected Solutions

The IoT with which everything will be connected to the Internet is expected in the near future. In such a situation, network-connecting environments and technological innovation will become more important than ever before. We provide design development solutions for ASSP and custom SoC (ASIC) by integrating RF technology, AFE (analog front end) technology and ultralow power consumption technology, which we have cultivated over years. We are contributing to the realization of an advanced connected world based on the IoT.

IP Line-up

Field IP Feature
Ultralow power consumption RF Low-power-consumption RF with high performance
PLC Low consumption / low noise
HD-PLC™ core
Low-power-consumption/long-distance communication suitable for the IoT
Effectively removes noise specific to power line communication

Product Line-up

Field Product Feature
HD-PLC™ SC1320A ・Long distance communication
・Compact package, low power consumption


  • ●Low-power-consumption CMOS RF design technology
  • ●Power line communication technology

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