Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions

We have camera image processing technologies cultivated through research and development over years, like "Milbeaut®" products, which we started selling in 2000. With such core technologies, our imaging solutions use cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing process technology to provide ASSP (general-purpose SoC for cameras) and custom SoC (ASIC) design and development solutions that integrate high-performance and low-power consumption technologies. We offer ASSP that target a wide range of markets, ranging from digital single-lens reflex cameras, mirrorless and action sport cameras to mobile phones, drones, and AR/VR. As we propose solutions that suit customers' application purposes, we also provide not only hardware, but also camera software and tuning services to optimize the image quality.

Imaging Solutions


  • ●Action sport cameras

    With high-performance electronic image stabilization (EIS) and rolling shutter compensation, we provide action camera solutions that enable action scenes to be shot with stability. We also provide the latest solutions that are optimal for shooting in various scenes, including a slow-motion function for shooting golf swing practice and other sports actions and an HDR function to control the luminance to a desired level even in dark scenes.

  • ●Multi-cameras (double-lens stereo cameras, 360-degree cameras)

    With high-performance SoCs that can synchronize and process images taken by multiple cameras, we provide solutions that enable 360-degree video recording by stitching stereo images optimal to VR/AR equipment cameras or multiple camera images together in real time.

  • ●IoT Camera

    We provide solutions equipped with single-chip video recording that can be driven by battery based on low-power-consumption technology as well as various communication functions in order to install full HD (1080p) camera functionality for various purposes like IoT devices.

Product Line-up

Field Product Feature
Action sport cameras SC2000 Go to the detils page 4K,H.264/H.265(HEVC),
Electronic image stabilization,HDR,
Slow motion shooting
Multi-cameras (double-lens stereo cameras, 360-degree cameras) SC2000 Go to the detils page 4K, H.264/H.265(HEVC),
Dual-camera support,360-degree distortion correction
IoT Camera MB91696B Go to the detils page Full HD(1080p)/30,H.264,distortion correction

IP Line-up

Field IP Feature
Video processing
Still image processing
HDR Dynamic range expansion technology
by composing multiple frames with different exposures.
Enables image stabilization between frames.
Video processing
Still image processing
LTM Technology that automatically corrects brightness
by pixel to produce natural tones.
Video processing 3DNR Technology that composes frames to reduce noises.
Also enables subject movement correction between frames.
Still image processing MFNR Technology that composes multiple frames to reduce noises.
Also enables subject movement correction between frames.
Video processing
Still image processing
DPC Pixel defect correction.
Can support both dynamic correction and registration-based correction.
Solves continuous defects.
Video processing
Still image processing
2DNR Technology that reduces the brightness and color noises in frames.
Can remove them to the low-frequency level without resolution deterioration.

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