Office Solutions

Office Solutions

Office Solutions

In recent years, companies have been accelerating their support for more diverse work styles as well as their support for Smart Office to improve operational efficiency and convenience. Through solutions consisting of SoC transformation technology as the core, which we have long cultivated in the office industry, we promote the evolution of a wide range of office equipment like printers and projectors to make offices smarter.


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    Based on high-performance and highly extensible platform SoCs, and using a CPU sub-system, power-saving sub-system (network standby/response), various interface macros, analog front end (scanner, touch panel), and other IPs, we provide custom SoCs that meet the needs of customers in a short period.Also, by using our design service (LSI design verification, LPB co-design), customers can reduce costs and shorten development periods.

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    We provide a variety of custom SoCs for projectors that suit customers' purposes in short periods of time, through the application of IPs for video/image processing and networks, which have been used in DTV and AV codec ASSP products in the past.

Product Line-up

Field Product Feature
(Platform SoC)
MB86S71 Go to the ditails page Cortex®-A15 Dual/A7 Dual、
MB86S72 Go to the ditails page Cortex®-A15 Dual/A7 Dual、
MB86S73 Go to the ditails page Cortex®-A7 Dual、Mali™-T624

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