Robotics Camera Solutions

Robotics Camera Solutions

Robotics Camera Solutions

Robot "eyes", which have been brought as a result of technological evolution, are expected to continue to be used for and applied to various industries and products. Our proud "Milbeaut®" technology, which achieves high image quality and low power consumption, provides high-speed, high-precision robot "eyes" in locations requiring human facial recognition, object detection and recognition, and distance measurement using stereo cameras. It supports the implementation of devices that have robot "eyes" in a wide range of environments, including more advanced image recognition, combined with an AI accelerator.


  • ●Image signal processor for network camera
  • ●AI accelerator for image recognition

Product Line-up

Field Product Feature
Robotics Camera SC2000 Go ti the details page 4K, H.264/H.265(HEVC),
Dual-camera support,360-degree distortion correction,Quad-camera support,
SC2002 Go ti the details page 3M/30p,H.264/H.265(HEVC),
Video HDR(3DOL Supported)


  • ●Dual Camera IP
  • ●Color Correction
  • ●Brightness Correction
  • ●Electronic Image Stabilization(EIS)
  • ●Video HDR
  • ●Face Detection/Face Recognition
  • ●3DNR
  • ●OpenVX
  • ●ONVIF
  • ●Moving object detection
  • ●Privacy protection function

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