Surveillance Camera Solutions

Surveillance Camera Solutions

The recent spectacular evolution of image recognition technology is enriching our life styles in a variety of situations. We integrate our proud "Milbeaut®" technology, which achieves high image quality and low power consumption, with an AI accelerator to offer total solutions, ranging from cameras to edge servers. We support the surveillance camera market, which continues to grow as security needs increase worldwide.

Surveillance Camera Solutions


  • ●Image signal processor for network camera
  • ●AI accelerator for image recognition
  • ●Processor for video analysis server

Product Line-up

Field Product Feature
Surveillance Camera SC2000 Go to the details page 4K, H.264/H.265(HEVC),
Dual-camera support,360-degree distortion correction,Quad-camera support,
SC2002 Go to the details page 3M/30p,H.264/H.265(HEVC),
Video HDR(3DOL Supported)


  • ●Dual Camera IP
  • ●Color Correction
  • ●Brightness Correction
  • ●Electronic Image Stabilization(EIS)
  • ●Video HDR
  • ●Face Detection/Face Recognition
  • ●Haze Removal
  • ●3DNR
  • ●OpenVX
  • ●ONVIF
  • ●Moving object detection
  • ●Tampering detection
  • ●Privacy protection function

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