Failure Analysis

We thoroughly analyze products with defects found by customers. We identify the cause, address the problem, and prevent recurrence of the defect. We also conduct fault analysis and improvement for products with defects found in evaluation during development or in process faults at subcontractors.

Fault Analysis Equipment

Purpose Equipment
Failure point identification ELITE (Enhanced Lock-In Thermal Emission)
EMS (Emission Microscope)
OBIRCH (Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change)
OBIC (Optical Beam Induced Current)
TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)
EBAC (Electron Beam Absorbed Current)
Manual prober
Plasma dry etcher
Grinding machine
Draft (acid, HF, organic)
Precision grinding system (CMP)
Observation SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) + element analysis machine
FIB (Focused Ion Beam machine)
X-ray observation equipment (3D-CT)
SAT (Scanning Acoustic Tomography)
Optical microscope (Stereoscopic, Gold sensible, IR)
Others LSI Tester + Thermo Stream
Semiconductor parameter analyzer
Laser opener
Plastic mold opener

●Example of Failure Analysis Equipment