Software Quality Assurance

Socionext meets the expectations of customers by co-creating software that accommodates their various QCD (Quality/Cost/Delivery) needs. We conduct Software Assessments to guarantee consistency between the requirements we agreed upon with customers and the software we release. Software Assessment is a system that provides software that customers can have confidence in by having a third party certify the quality of the software.

Software Development

Review Name Purpose of the Review Details of the Review
Planning Review Defines the software to
be developed.
①Confirm the requirements we have agreed on
②Confirm that the software specifications meet
 the software requirements
③Confirm that the development plan meets
 the software requirements
Shipping Review Certify the quality of the final
software products to be delivered
④Confirm that the final software products to be
 delivered meet the requirements

Software Quality Characteristics (ISO/IEC 9126)

The quality of the software products can be achieved by defining and developing appropriate quality characteristics, while taking your intended use into consideration. We follow the international standard ISO/IEC 9126 as a guideline for specifying the quality characteristics, to develop software products with quality characteristics that meet your expectations.

Quality Characteristics Quality Sub-characteristics
Functionality Suitability, Accuracy, Interoperability, Security, Functionality Compliance
Reliability Maturity, Fault Tolerance, Recoverability, Reliability Compliance
Usability Understandability, Learnability, Operability, Attractiveness, Usability Compliance
Efficiency Time Behavior, Resource Behavior, Efficiency Compliance
Maintainability Analyzability, Changeability, Stability, Testability, Maintainability Compliance
Portability Adaptability, Installability, Co-existence, Replaceability, Portability Compliance