Socionext’s Strengths

Socionext meets its customers’ needs for differentiation by leveraging the strengths the company has gained through its rich experience in the SoC business.

Socionext’s Strengths

Socionext’s strengths Socionext’s strengths
  • 1.Complex SoC Design Capability

    In the area of large-scale SoCs development for advanced applications such as autonomous driving and high-performance computing, Socionext reduces cost through its design expertise to fully utilize the latest technologies to achieve superior performance and low power.

  • 2.Differentiated IP Offering

    Socionext has an extensive lineup of IPs that power SoCs for a range of applications, including automotive, data center & network, and smart devices.

    In addition to providing high-speed interfaces, high-speed ADC/DAC, RF-CMOS, and security, we leverage technologies from third parties to meet the customers’ differentiated needs.

  • 3.Expertise in System Development from Application Perspective

    Leveraging our experience in ASSP businesses, we can propose the optimum choice of CPU core and the SoC architecture, including division of the functions between hardware and software.
    We can provide end-to-end solutions for system development, including OS (Android/Linux, etc.), middleware and application software.

  • 4. Robust Supply Chain and Quality Management

    Technologies needed for today’s advanced SoCs are becoming more complex, sophisticated, and diverse to maximize performance and meet all specifications.

    Socionext collaborates closely with partners with leading-edge technologies around the world and offers optimal products by shortening time-to-market through its supply chain management and quality control systems developed over many years.

With the combination of its many strengths, Socionext’s “Solution SoC” drives customers' innovation by providing turnkey support from the system design phase to manufacturing, delivery, and quality assurance.