Procurement Management

We carry out global procurement activities that respect the environment and human rights

“Together with our global partners, we bring innovation to everyone everywhere.” This is the mission that the Socionext Group has set itself.
To realize this vision and fulfill our social responsibilities as a global company, we have established rules for procurement whereby the goods and services we require are purchased from the global market at appropriate quality, price, and delivery terms in a way that is in keeping with the laws of each country and is based on fair and reasonable trading relationships.
We are also taking steps to reinforce sustainable supply chain arrangements by reducing the risks associated with societal challenges throughout our supply chain, including at our customers and suppliers. Along with labor, human rights, ethics, environmental, and business continuity considerations, this also includes responsible minerals procurement.

  • Policies and Structures
  • CSR Procurement Activities

Supply Chain Management

To adopt sustainability management policies and ensure the rigorous implementation of company-wide targets and the use of sustainable procurement practices throughout the group, the Socionext Group works to optimize how it goes about procurement through collaboration between the departments responsible for operations and development, quality and production engineering, and corporate administration, especially in the areas of manufacturing and procurement.

CSR Procurement Guidelines

The Socionext Group understands how important it is to enhance sustainability across our entire supply chain. Recognizing the need to support sustainable procurement by gaining buy-in not only within the group but also from suppliers, we have formulated the Socionext Group CSR Procurement Guidelines as a way to reinforce CSR in the supply chain.
We are engaging with suppliers and taking action throughout our supply chain by focusing on the labor, occupational safety, environment, ethics and product quality and safety, information security, business continuity planning, and management system provisions laid out in these guidelines.

Supply Chain Management

The Socionext Group engages in CSR procurement activities with the aim of growing in partnership with our suppliers, recognizing that they are critical business partners in our efforts to pursue sustainable procurement.
As well as making our commitments explicit in the Socionext CSR Procurement Guidelines, we also require our suppliers to take action on CSR. To assess the progress of these supplier activities, we conduct regular reviews that cover all aspects of CSR as well as environmental activities, information security, and business continuity. The results of these reviews are then utilized to help us construct an optimal supply chain. They also provide a basis for constructive feedback to suppliers where necessary.

Responsible Minerals Procurement

The Socionext Group does not tolerate any human rights abuses or environmental destruction in its supply chain. Recognizing that responsible minerals procurement is a societal issue that cannot be ignored, we have formulated a corresponding policy, put management structures in place, and modified our procurement practices accordingly to ensure that the way we go about procurement complies with global norms, including the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

Green Procurement

In accordance with our CSR Policy, we conduct our business in a way that respects the global environment and, with the help of our suppliers, we are adopting green procurement practices that prioritize the purchase of materials, parts, and other products that put a low load on the environment.


Acknowledging that we ourselves are part of the wider supply chain, ensuring the continuity of product supply is a core policy at the Socionext Group. This means putting measures in place for business continuity and rapid recovery and acting beforehand to improve responsiveness and resilience. When an emergency does happen, we strive to fulfill our responsibilities to the community and to society and maintain continuity in the delivery of products and services to customers.

Fair Trading Practices

1. Declaration of Partnership Building

The Socionext Group supports and participates in the goals of the Declaration of Partnership Building promoted by the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and others. Along with following good-faith trading practices with all partners, this includes commitments to co-existence and co-prosperity throughout the supply chain together with new forms of collaboration that transcend differences in company size and existing keiretsu relationships. Our goal as a group is to add value throughout the supply chain by building relationships of trust through fair and transparent trading with all our suppliers.

2. Procurement whistleblowing system

The Socionext Group reports any procurement activities that are, or are suspected of being, compliance violations and cooperates with investigations. We also respond promptly once the facts behind a report have been established and investigated. In accordance with the law and company policy on this issue, measures are in place to ensure that the persons making and receiving reports are not identified so as to prevent them from being subject to any unfavorable treatment.

Rigorous Procurement Compliance

Recognizing that we have a duty to fulfill our social responsibilities as a global corporation by complying with the Socionext Group's CSR Policy and CSR Procurement Guidelines, we conduct regular compliance training for all executives and staff, not just those who work in procurement.