High-Speed Logic Verification Service

The high-speed logic verification service uses emulators and the like to perform high-speed logic verification and compute SoC power consumption. We can prototype a circuit by mapping a circuit of the system to be developed to an emulator. It can also compute your proposed system's power consumption. Since the emulator runs 500 to 1,000 times faster than a software simulator, you can significantly reduce verification time.

[High-Speed Logic Verification Service  Outline]

High-Speed Logic Verification Service Outline
Service Category Service Description Item Submitted by Customer Deliverable from Socionext (Example)
Chip level verification Formulation of verification specifications
Creation of verification data
Construction of verification environment verification
Outline block diagram
Design data (RTL or netlist)
Input/expected value data
Verification specifications
Verification data
Emulation verification results
System level verification System level verification using software developed in an ESL environmen Design data (RTL or netlist)
Input/expected value data
Test programs
Emulation verification environment
Verification result reports
Power consumption reduction Measurement of power consumption Power measurement program Reports on results of power consumption measurement