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  • When was the company first listed on the stock exchange?

    October 12, 2022

  • On which stock exchange is the company listed?

    The Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • What is the stock exchange code?


  • What is the stock trading unit?


  • When is the annual shareholders meeting held?

    In late June

  • When is the Date of Record for dividends?

    The last day of March for the year-end dividend. If an interim dividend is paid, the date of record will be at the last day of September.

Company Information

  • When was the company founded?

    September, 2014

  • When was the business start date?

    March 1, 2015

  • What does the company do?

    Socionext is a fabless semiconductor vendor that develops and supplies custom SoCs.

  • What businesses does the company operate?

    With our partners, Socionext is seeking to bring about a prosperous society by delivering new value to everyone everywhere through our novel and distinctive “Solution SoC” business model. Using the latest process technologies (7nm, 5nm, etc.), we supply advanced SoCs that are customized to meet the needs of global customers working in leading-edge fields such as autonomous driving, 5G networks, and AR/VR.
    Please refer to "About Socionext".

  • Where is the company located?

    Please refer to "Locations Japan and Global".

  • How does the company handle corporate governance?

    Recognizing the importance of management in companies that have social responsibilities, Socionext sees one of its most important management tasks as being to put in place organizational structures and practices that will ensure the transparency and fairness of decision-making and to build relationships of trust with our shareholders and other stakeholders. To this end, we also aim to deliver ongoing growth and enhanced corporate value by putting our corporate governance code into practice and by making continuous improvements.
    Please refer to "Corporate Governance".

Financial Information

  • When is the end of your fiscal year?

    The end of March

  • When will your next results be announced?

    Please refer to the IR calendar.