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Analog Macro

We offer various analog macros (data converter, power management, temperature sensor, analog front-end) for our customers' development to address various applications including communication, image processing, sensors and control.

●All macros are silicon verified.

●Implemented on many custom SoCs with a track record in mass production.

Data Converters

We offer various data converter macros addressing low power consumption and a small area which are demanded in SoCs.

●Pipeline & high speed SAR ADC

  • 10-bit/12-bit resolution, maximum 600MS/s conversion rates
  • The world's smallest class power consumption


  • Applicable to 16bit to 24bit resolutions
  • Power consumption of up to 1mW with high precision SINAD 85dB


  • Applicable to 16bit to 24bit resolutions
  • SINAD 90dB. Power consumption is 1mW or less

[Data Converters]
Data Converters

Power Management

We offer various power management macros that enable single power supply development which is demanded in SoCs.

●LDO for low-noise power supply applications

  • Lineup of small-area versions such as the integrated I/O type
  • Safety protection functions such as short-circuit detection
  • Supports power supply to analog IPs such as ADC and PLL

●Power-ON reset

  • Customizable voltage-detection level and reset time
  • Supports brown-out reset

[Example Application of Power Management Macro]
Example Application of Power Management Macro

Sensors and Analog Front-End (AFE)

We offer a sensor macro for measuring temperature and voltage inside the chip and a low power-consumption AFE for processing signals from various external sensors.

●Temperature sensor macro

  • Can monitor temperature inside the chip at high resolution (0.125°C)
  • Low power consumption and small area allow installation of multiple sensors on one chip
  • Realizes temperature-dependent voltage and frequency control system

[Example Application of Temperature Sensor]
Example Application of Temperature Sensor

●Scanner AFE

  • Supports both CCD and CIS
  • Includes gain and offset adjustment function
  • Comes with 12-bit, 50 MS/s ADC
  • Low power consumption (72mW)

[Example Application of Scanner AFE]
Example Application of Temperature Sensor

●Custom AFE that supports various sensor signals and external signals

  • AFE for optical sensor, humidity sensor, and gyro
  • Video AFE
  • Audio AFE
  • Digital TV AFE

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