Based on the basic philosophy of sustainability, the Socionext Group evaluated the social issues to be solved and their importance for the group's business growth and identified the material issues to be addressed as priorities.
In order to flexibly respond to changes in global trends and the business environment and achieve sustainable growth, we will promote initiatives to address materiality throughout the supply chain.

Materiality Identification Process

In selecting the materiality, we extracted the materiality from the various stakeholders surrounding the group, including customers, partners, employees, local communities, and shareholders, and from each aspect of the group's business, based on the group's basic philosophy, and evaluated the materiality from both the perspectives of “stakeholders’ expectations” and “importance to the group” in light of global requirements and standards such as SASB, WEF, and CSRD. The final decision is made after discussion by management and approval by the Board of Directors.

  • Based on the group's "Basic Philosophy," material issues were extracted from the perspectives of "stakeholder expectations" and "business growth."
  • The selected materiality was organized and evaluated on two axes: “expectations from stakeholders” and“ importance of the Socionext Group”.
  • After discussion at the executive level, priority material issues are identified and approved by the Board of Directors.

Materiality Map

Materiality Map

Thoughts on Each materiality

Materiality to be Prioritized Our Group's Approach
Corporate Governance Sound and transparent governance is the foundation for global business growth.
Integrity Compliance A high sense of integrity and compliance are essential for global business development.
Contribution to Innovation
(by pursuing new technologies)
Differentiating the Group's products and services is a necessary element for achieving medium- to long-term business growth and maximizing corporate value.
Reducing of GHG Emissions Contributing to the reduction of GHG emissions from our customers' products leads to solutions to social issues and business growth for the Group
(through the provision of low-power and space-saving SoCs).
Sustainable Supply Chain Advanced CSR management throughout the entire supply chain is essential for fabless business operations.
Talent Recruitment, Retention
& Human Resource Development
In order to maintain global competitiveness, it is essential to secure and develop human resources who will lead technological development and create innovation.
Employee Empowerment & Engagement Further business growth requires the creation of an environment and corporate culture in which employees can work energetically and continue to grow and take on challenges.
Human Rights, Diversity Further business growth requires the creation of a diverse workforce and an environment in which they can thrive.
Quality & Reliability Not only advanced technology but also high quality and reliability will be the source of the Group's differentiation and competitiveness.
Stable Supply Excellent QCD, stable supply and business continuity are required to meet customer demands and fulfill our social responsibilities.
Design Data Asset Management
(Information Security, Cyber Risk)
Strict management of design assets and know-how is the foundation of the business and is indispensable for gaining the trust of customers.
Labor, Health & Safety
(Work Life Balance)
It is necessary for business growth that employees flexibly choose their work place and time, work efficiently, and be physically and mentally healthy.