Management Commitment

Management Commitment

“Together with our global partners, we bring innovation to everyone everywhere.” This is our mission at Socionext.
As an SoC partner and a company that proves its worth through innovation, our goal is to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society by delivering new value to our customers and, through them, to people everywhere. To achieve this, we work with customers seeking to differentiate themselves by means of their own SoCs and tap into a semiconductor ecosystem that provides the latest technologies for everything from IP, EDA tools, and software to process, assembly, and testing. Based on this mission, we work with our global partners to deliver sustainable products and solutions that feature high quality and low power consumption.

One of the values we hold to be most important is “to build a sustainable future through collaboration with our customers, partners, and society.”
This is an expression of our desire to contribute to achieving the SDGs through our business activities. We recognize that we have a duty as a global corporation to fulfil our social responsibilities, not just through the pursuit of technological innovation and leadership, but also by working diligently to improve quality and service and by taking on societal challenges. These latter include human rights issues and environmental problems, especially climate change, at all steps along our supply chain as well as work on promoting professional development and diversity.

In partnership with all of our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, and shareholders, Socionext is working to enhancing corporate value and to help bring about a sustainable and prosperous society.

Representative Director, Chairman, President & CEO Masahiro Koezuka

Representative Director,
Chairman, President & CEO

Masahiro Koezuka

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