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About the Privacy Policy

Socionext Inc. (“Socionext”) fully acknowledges that it is Socionext’s social responsibility as a company to appropriately handle the personal information of each user. With this in mind, Socionext promises to respect the value of personal information and protect all acquired personal information according to the following rules.

1. Socionext shall periodically educate its board members and employees about the personal information management system. A privacy management chief will be assigned within each department which handles personal information to ensure that personal information is managed appropriately.

2. Socionext shall use personal information only for the purpose stated beforehand or for the purpose apparent under the circumstances of information acquisition, and only when the user consents in advance or disclosure is required for legal reasons.

3. Socionext shall not provide personal information to any third party without prior consent from the user, with the exception of disclosures required for legal reasons. Upon providing personal information to a third party, that party is obligated by contract or agreement to handle the personal information appropriately.

4. Socionext shall employ strict policies to ensure handling of personal information and prevent leakage, loss or damage of personal information, and shall take corrective measures when any breach occurs.

5. When a user wishes to make an inquiry or wants to raise complaints, or when disclosure of personal information which Socionext has the right to disclose is requested in person (or by a representative), Socionext shall quickly take reasonable action to comply through the appropriate department.

6. Socionext shall follow the Japanese laws, guidelines and other norms for handling personal information. Socionext shall continuously improve the personal information management system.


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