60GHz 3D Detection model SC1240AR3

SC1240AR3 is an extremely low-power and intelligent CMOS 60GHz radar sensor device and available for 3D (including 1D, 2D) sensing without an external MCU.
It contains a high-performance signal processing unit and detects the 3D position of moving objects and the presence of the objects in any specific area.


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Suited for 1D to 3D sensing

1 Tx and 2x2 Rx antennas detect azimuth/elevation angle, velocity and distance

Wide bandwidth (6.8GHz max.) and high-accuracy linear chirp FMCW radar

Sensing area :
Up to 0.5m*1 with a resolution of less than 1cm*2 (in case of palm gesture)
Up to 15m*1 with a resolution of less than 12.4cm*2 (in case of human detection)

*1: Depending on sensor configuration and environmental conditions *2: To be changed according to further study

Highly integrated device enabling easy hardware design

Integrates signal processing unit (Distance/Angle/Presence detection), antennas, RF circuit, ADC, FIFO and SPI interface, and has a self-boot function

Enable to use reasonable PCB, less BOM and easy assembly

Small package (4.0mm x 7.0mm, BGA package)

Low power consumption

4-level operation states (Shutdown, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Sensing)

Intelligent power control sequencer managing flexible duty cycle operation

Antenna Configuration

Block Diagram

Example use case

[ROM mode]


Radar mode FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)
Power supply 1.8V (Core) / 1.8V - 3.3V (I/O)
Power consumption 0.7mW (Operation average*1) / 250mW (Operation maximum)
Transmitter Frequency: 57.1 - 63.9GHz (bandwidth: up to 6.8GHz), EIRP: +3.0dBm
Receiver Noise Figure: 12dB
Digital block Radar signal processing (3D location detection, Presence detection), Self-boot ROM
Temperature -40 to 85°C
Sensor output Distance detection result, 3D position (X, Y, Z) detection result, Presence detection result

*1: In case of 0.1% duty cycle operation

Evaluation kit

Evaluation kit contents

SC1240AR3 evaluation kit hardware with USB cable

Sensor driver/ library and 3D location sensing evaluation software (GUI)

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Evaluation software (GUI) operation manual
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