Automotive 60GHz 3D Detection model
for In-Cabin Sensing SC1260AR3

SC1260AR3 is an extremely low-power, small size and intelligent all-in-one CMOS 60GHz radar sensor device with AiP(Antenna in Package), available for 3D (including 1D, 2D) sensing, and suitable for in-cabin sensing application.

It contains a high-performance radar signal processing unit and detects the 3D position of moving objects and the presence of the objects in any specific area.


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●High resolution 1D to 3D sensing

2-Tx and 4-Rx integrated antennas supporting TDM-MIMO operation realize 6x2 virtual antenna array

Wide bandwidth (6.8GHz max.) and high-accuracy linear chirp FMCW radar

Example of sensing target: infant lying in the child safety seat or persons sitting on the seat

●Highly integrated device enabling easy hardware design

Integrate radar signal processing unit (Distance/Angle/Presence detection), antennas, RF circuit, ADC, FIFO and SPI interface

Enable to use reasonable PCB, less BOM and easy assembly

Smallest package for all-in-one interior radio sensor (6.0mm x 9.0mm, BGA package)

●Low power consumption reducing battery load

4-level operation states (Shutdown, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Sensing)

Intelligent power control sequencer managing flexible duty cycle operation realize <1mW averaging power consumption

Activate other device by integrated presence detection functionality

Antenna Configuration

Block Diagram

Example Use Case(Theft Prevention System)

Activating camera device by presence detection result from SC1260AR3, system power consumption can be reduced.


Radar mode FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)
Power supply 1.8V (RF) / 1.8V - 3.3V (I/O)
Power consumption 0.7mW (Operation average*2) / 250mW (Operation maximum)
Transmitter Frequency: 57.1 - 63.9GHz (bandwidth: up to 6.8GHz), EIRP (target): +3dBm
Receiver Noise Figure: 12.5dB
Digital block Radar signal processing (Range FFT, 3D location detection and Presence detection)
Temperature*1 -40 to 125°C
Sensor output Range FFT, 3D position (X, Y, Z) detection result, Presence detection result
Qualification AEC-Q100 Grade 2

*1: Operating Junction temperature

*2: In case of 0.1% duty cycle operation

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kit contents

SC1260AR3 evaluation kit hardware

Sensor driver/ library and sensing evaluation software (GUI)

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Evaluation software (GUI) operation manual
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